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Fantasia Xandra by Madame-Meepers Fantasia Xandra by Madame-Meepers
Err... So yeah... I've been doing stuff for the Flipline forum because I'm bored. And then I found this thread about turning the Papa characters into fantasy style. Obviously, I couldn't resist. So here's my first completed one: Xandra's Fantasia form.

Xandra, Psychedelic Demonette of Havoc
Element: Shadow and Fire
Xandra is one of the Havoc Demon siblings. The other being Xolo, her twin brother.

Xandra's Fantasia Form is that of a demonette. Her style is very unpredictable. She has the brains to feign an attack sequence before lashing out one of her many surprises. But one thing for sure is that her right claw is for physical attacks while her left is for magic. Her arrowhead tail also contains a very vile poison that only one character is capable of curing it.

Xandra will always fight alongside with Xolo and the two make a formidable demonic team. Should Xolo be defeated, she would enter a berserk state with the strength to KO anyone unprepared. Many have been warned about her unpredictable nature and to tread carefully should they cross path with her.

That's just my fantasy description for her. But it didn't seem to appeal to the forumers...

PS: She is enlarging one of her eyes to denote her crazy nature.
PS2: Yes, her top clothing is fused with her arms to become claws. And yes again, she only has 3 horns. Doki's idea of her being asymmetrical.
PS3: I don't know of the font. I merely Magic Wand the letters from screenshots.

EDIT: Gave Xandra a glow so it's easier to see her outline.
EDIT2: Moved her name a bit to the right.
EDIT3: Changed the opacity of the elemental background so that it won't overpower Xandra.
EDIT4: Edited her name a bit.

Xandra (c) Flipline Studios
This idea (c) Meepers
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TrixiePixel1456 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013   Artist
This is so awesome! but sometimes, xandra freakin creeps me out. XD
nonecansee Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist
This is neat-o! Makes me wanna join in :D *too bad I don't have the time right now* :(

Anyway, wonderful color scheme. It's totally Xandra :)
Madame-Meepers Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfortunately, she wasn't as accepted in the forums because the members there are mostly kids so they don't get the point of psychedelic demonic... =(

But I appreciate your comment. Thanks. =)
nonecansee Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist
aww :/ ah well, haha. You're welcome :)
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